Stay on Schedule With Your Lightweight Shipments

Stay on Schedule With Your Lightweight Shipments

Get flatbed LTL shipping services from Delta Freight Brokerage

Do you need to move relatively small or large shipments of goods to several different clients? Ensuring each package arrives on time can be a logistics nightmare. But at Delta Freight Brokerage LLC, our flatbed LTL services are trusted by countless clients. Our solutions experts will work closely with you to guarantee deliveries on your terms.

From local deliveries to cross-country shipments, your business can rely on our less-than-truckload freight team for consistent and cost-effective results. Contact us today to discuss our competitive rates.

Move stock freely and efficiently

Less-than-truckload freight (or LTL) shipping typically consists of smaller freight weighing 150 pounds or less. One truck will share multiple different freights, cutting down on costs and allowing for more frequent deliveries.

That means you should choose flatbed LTL shipping if:

  • You need a shipping option that can be customized to be covered, uncovered or refrigerated
  • Your product is sturdy enough for more handling
  • You're shipping about 150 pounds or less
  • Your delivery schedule is flexible
  • You want to save money
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